How to Upload AchilleΣ on RealAcc/Various Modules(with AtMega CPU)

1. download the Xloader set your FTDI to 5V.

  • Device: Duemilanove/Nano(ATmega328)
  • Baud Rate: 57600

2. Upload the eeprom_clear.hex to the RealAcc (This is important step You have to reset chip first.)
3. Upload the Achilleas_Vxx.hex to the RealAcc
4. Calibration. For best Results Use a 25mw tx and leave 1 or 0,80 meter distance, calibrate the module without antennas. (if you don’t have 25mw TX and its more powerful then leave more space 10+ meters) or if you are inside a house ,go behind couple of walls.
if you dont make a calibration the module will not properly work Calibration is Mandatory
5.Go out and fly!
6.Dont forget to support..

Eachine Pro58 boards seems that is currently using the correct CPU! Revision "X"