OSD FOR Eachine PRO58

Eachine Pro58 have a very powerful Processor , Which can do amazing things. One of those things is the Revolutionary OSD. Now you can have OSD from your module and never take off your Goggles.

The OSD needs Two resistors. a 820 ohm and 240 ohm also a tiny cable furthermore pin3, counted from the upper position, has to be removed (cut), preferable size for crystal clear installation is SMD sizes (1206 or 0805) or normal size resistor (classic size not SMD) , while the OSD is enabled the Fatshark Button will be disabled.



  • Do this MOD at your own risk. We have no responsibillity if you damage your module or goggles.
  • OSD for DOM v1 and prior(Fatshark RCV922) is not compatible at the moment
  • Latest firmware first, mod after that.



If you want to add OSD , you have to follow those steps.

  1. Upload the Latest AchilleΣ PLUSFor licenced Users, or Buy licence
  2. follow this image connection diagram

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The Module will look like this

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Alternative way.

Phillip is using Bigger Resistor Values, he is using 1k instead of 820 ohm and 330 ohm instead of 240 ohm , and they are working good also. CAUTION dont use smaller values than 820 ohm and 240 ohm

Last Step Goto Settings and set Enable OSD : to ON