AchilleΣ PLUS For Eachine/Realacc Pro OSD

Achilles PLUS    *Current Version 1.92v

  • Caution download and upload this firmware if you are only sure that you will use it. If  you change your mind you have to download a free software ported for Eachine pro58
  • When you upload the  Firmware your module will be locked
  • You have to get a license providing us the key that you will see in you module screen
  • Redownload the above link after 24Hours (or after an email confirmation that your module is licenced)

Users with Licensed modules download the latest Version.

FREE Achilles V2 For Various Modules

click here to check the Compatible Modules

Not compatible:

  • Realacc RX5808 Lite
  • FlyingLemon 2Pinneapples
  • Eachine PRO58
  • Quanum HB5808


Download GUI Windows App

You can download the latest firmware from inside the GUI.