How to Calibrate Eachine PRO58.

When you successfully upload AchilleΣ PLUS on Eachine Pro58

You have to follow these 5 Steps


  1. Power up your Module (without Antennas On) , it will automatically factory reset , and Calibration procedure is going to begin.
  2. Open a VTX (With Antenna!!) and set it at 25MW power
  3. Hold your Fatsharks Module 1 Meter Away from your VTX with the SMA barrels of Eachine Pro58 Facing to your VTX
  4. Press the middle button to start the Calibration , a “Saved Successfully” Message will Appear and the module will auto reboot for a last time.
  5. Enjoy AchilleΣ PLUS!


Eachine Pro58 boards seems that is currently using the correct CPU! Revision "X"

AKk is not supported at all don't send emails for AKK