How to upload AchilleΣ Plus on Eachine Pro58


If you are sure that you want to use ACHILLES PLUS For Eachine PRO58 ,Please follow those steps.


  • STEP 1

In order to upload the new Firmware you need a tool called  ST-Link  and the STM32 ST-LINK utility


  • STEP 2

The connection


  • Step 3

Download the AchilleΣ PLUS

  • Step 4

Upload the firmware from STM32 ST-LINK utility 



After a successful upload you will see this Message ,

This is a serial number , which means that your device needs license in order to work.

in Check Out you must fill in the Serial number that printed in your module screen in the three dedicated text boxes of check out form.

After maximum 24 hours the Public Link of the Firmware will contain your serial number you will receive an email confirmation that your module is licensed.


  • Step 5

Re-download and re- upload *
(*This is one off procedure).

So from now on you are licensed. All the future updates will include your module.