AchilleΣ PLUS – Eachine – RealAcc


Power Feature pack AchilleΣ Plus for Eachine PRO58


  • Graphical user interface
  • On Screen Display OSD
  • Roll information Bar with Current module temperature, total diversities , Statistics, goggles battery voltage.
  • Lap Timer , Fly with your goggles and record your laps simultaneously.
  • 620 Channels (5325-5945) ready to serve for entire 5.8 band.
  • ULTRA Search , +-4 MHZ auto tune on current frequency, more powerful and more precise with more than 5000 RSSI Reads in fractions of the second
  • Manual search Mhz by Mhz over the band. With single click is jumping over predefine freqs and by holding the up or down button fine tuning over each MHZ.
  • EVENT mode , Searching down all the 5.8 band in 2,5 seconds and keeps in memory only the running channels, then you can browse them one by one.
  • Favorite channels up to 10. You can Save predefine band channel or a custom frequency.
  • Band Scanner Can Scan amazing fast all the band , and by single click UP/Down can Deep scan the Area that been found with the highest RSSI +-20MHZ
  • Find Model , Add a patch Antenna to bottom RX (B) and point to the place that the drone might lost , the Graphic interface + buzzer will guide you
  • Kerveros Mode , its a revolutionary mode that The two receivers on the module are working independently, Receiver A will focus on the primary channel frequency, while receiver B will be wandering around frequencies around the channels, i.e. +/- 1MHz. And the module will choose the best signal for you.
  • Flip screen support.
  • Factory Reset.




AchilleΣ PLUS – Tuning für das Eachine PRO58 Modul

How to upload AchilleΣ Plus on Eachine Pro58


Eachine Pro58 boards seems that is currently using the correct CPU! Revision "X"